Some pictures from the 1st Lagos Accessories Fair

Here are some pictures of my lovely mum and sisters at the Minku table of Lagos Accessories fair earlier today. I am so happy to have a team of family members dedicated to making the impossible possible. Later I hope my sisters would write a post on their experience, but for now here are some lovely pictures from the day.

Also here is my sister with I’m guessing the designer of these lovely sandals (they’re called Bambata footwear; check their facebook page here!).

Many thanks to everyone and if you went, please send me your pictures, we’ll put them up on the Minku blog.



4 responses to “Some pictures from the 1st Lagos Accessories Fair”

  1. omg! I never knew brown/black/pink could work so well together! I love it. Hmmm and now some turqoise and brown, or blue and brown with gold and white? YES?! just sayin.

    So proud of you lady! You are phenomenal.

  2. hi, how are you doing. great to find your blog talking about me. i must say that your family members are amazing. iI’ve got so many pictures talking from that event.

  3. I’m glad you found it! Should have sent you a link. If you have a web site for Bambata shoes now, please share it :-) Well done!

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