Summer nights

I’m currently with one of my favorite people in a part of the world where it’s always summer weather. Today we went to see a play, not my fp’s first show, but there were some scary bits where eyes had to be covered at my insistence and such. Me, being in charge of someone’s comfort so.

fp had woken up from a nap just in time to get ready for the play and I had served some food but not much had gotten eaten. So I had packed it up, along with one of those drinks with straws that seem to be empty just when you’ve started getting into it then you have to position the straw properly in the pyramidal packaging to get the last drops.

On the way there, I had sung to fp, the afrobeats songs we have on rotation and that are known to our other fp except for the one song we just discovered ourselves and have yet to introduce. Sung really quietly, into the ear, switching names (Afrobeats songs are heavy on names) to personalize the song a bit. Then I’d ask fp which song to sing next, and act on the answer.

And when we got there, we took our seats for the play. The play was running a bit late so there was some Asa music playing, like Bibake, and I knew most of the lyrics so I sang along gently by fp’s ear. I explained to fp that the curtains will open and yes there will be more music! We were in our own world during the play and there was a scary scene so we covered our eyes, and there was extended use of strobe lighting in the last scene, so we covered our eyes then, too.

After the play, we headed home and fp and I played a game before bed. I had a classmate in high school, Jen, that always used to laugh out loud at my jokes, and a professor at uni too. Besides these, I don’t remember humor being a particular strength of mine. But fp just howls with laughter and then we repeat the invented game again and again and again; as was the case this evening, it usually involves me saying two or three lines representing what two people say or twisting a song my way, followed by a sound. It makes me laugh and it’s so nice that it has fp laughing hard too.

I’m pretty boring — I don’t drink, I don’t gossip, I just read and write and dream and do. But there’s a life of joy for someone as boring as me, even, and that gives me all the hope and peace in the world.


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